We all know how easy it can be to take your eye off the ball. With our clients’ energies focused (and rightly so) on their primary business activities, procurement is an area often overlooked. The result, inefficiencies and inertia, become the norm.

Transformation seeks to challenge the procurement status quo, whether it be in its entirety or in respect of one or more defined areas such as people, organisation, policy and process, information or technology.

Following a holistic and honest appraisal of your procurement function, our dedicated team will guide and reassure throughout the step change process. By reviewing and implementing optimised strategy, policy, delivery methodology (including procedures, tools and templates) and restructuring (where necessary) we aim to place effective, sustainable procurement solutions at the core of your business now and in the future.


Programme/Project Management

As a business evolves, specific areas of the established procurement framework often require attention. Partnering with our clients, we work together to assess relevant variables such as cost benefits, value add, enhanced supplier relationship management, innovation and new policy implementation (such as sustainability and social value) to determine an effective solution. We then seek to deliver high-impact results, ensuring objectives such as timescales, milestones, reporting and benefits are achieved.

Where required our experts also assist with training, supplier development, category benefit delivery, stakeholder engagement, communication and inclusion. Thereby making sure our clients’ strategic and financial objectives remain synchronised.


Resource Augmentation

From time to time, our clients will often face challenges involving capability, capacity and sometimes both. Our role is to keep your business on track and moving forward. If our clients find themselves in need of additional support and advice, our knowledgeable, approachable experts are on hand to help them navigate the procurement arena.

Whether it’s providing short-term cover for a bespoke, stand-alone project or maybe an unforeseen eventuality or alternatively, addressing a longer-term resourcing issue, as your business grows, our pro-active, professionals can assist.


Operational Effectiveness

The world of procurement is an ever-changing landscape. It is therefore vital that those involved are appraised of the latest innovations, processes and developments, allowing them to perform to the best of their abilities. By investing in your people, your business ultimately benefits too.

For those clients that have undertaken a transformation of their procurement and supply chain functions, maintaining the momentum of delivering under new operating procedures can be a challenge, often resulting in the loss of transformation benefits. Our operational effectiveness service offers guidance and assurance to clients ultimately ensuring benefit realisation and continuous improvement.

We focus on long-term operational benefits for our clients, both prioritising immediate transformation of the efficiency of their procurement and supply chain, as well as reinforcing these lasting benefits through our continuing expert guidance.

Our specialist consultants have both the ability and resources to initiate, develop and manage bespoke, comprehensive training programmes, tailored to your team’s needs. From initial capability assessments to ongoing audits and assurance (whether it be on an individual, project or departmental level) through to continued development via ongoing training and mentoring. Our team are here to get the best out of your team!


Opportunity Assessment

We want your business to be functioning at its optimum operating level and to do that we believe structured, sustainable, end to end procurement is key. Our aim is to maximise your commercial potential by not only streamlining current processes but also highlighting potential gains to be had from greater consolidation or leverage.

We utilise our wealth of experience and expertise to analyse, benchmark and ultimately identify areas where change can be effected to ensure greater savings, in terms of both time and money. We also seek to make recommendations which promote a more sustainable and net zero approach where appropriate.


Bid Management

Whether you are a customer or a supplier, the tender process can sometimes be perplexing and often overwhelming, but it needn’t be. Using insight gained from many years in the industry, our approachable, highly experienced team inject value add when it comes to helping your business achieve procurement engagement success.

Whether it be compiling and presenting tender documentation or advising on bid negotiations, managing ongoing relationships or formulating strategies for keeping one step ahead of the competition, we can help. On the customer side, we can also offer guidance on how best to approach procurement activity from a commercial perspective. Alternatively, we can relieve you of the worry altogether by simply managing the entire bid process on your behalf. We are here to help lessen the load when it comes to managing your procurement requirements.