Supplier Relationship Management Operating Model

JDP was appointed by a large Financial Services sector client to develop and deliver a robust, practical and pragmatic supplier relationship management model, enabling the existing employees to adopt optimal, consistent SRM delivery.


  • Completed review of current state, including policies, organisation, processes, information and technology
  • Completed review of people, including interviews, workshops and general engagement through team integration, identifying roles and responsibilities of existing resources, skills gaps and professional development requirements
  • Completed evaluation of business strategy and alignment of SRM with company values, goals and strategic direction
  • Undertook categorisation and segmentation of supply base, defining optimal relationship models by segment
  • Compared current state with future state options to allow for open, creative and collaborative approach to building the optimal solution
  • Created and developed methodology and processes, with supporting tools and templates, to enable practical and consistent application
  • Created a baseline and associated project plan outlining targets for activity completion and delivery
  • Embedded processes and procedures into business practices, including targets for team performance management
  • Implemented training and coaching to support the transition, including supported supplier engagement


Employee training and mentoring to support in embedding new ways of working
Supplier development programme defined and delivered for all ‘strategic’ and ‘critical’ suppliers
Delivery of a new SRM Operating Model, optimising supplier performance and enabling client scalability