Procurement Training for a Global Insurance and Underwriting Firm

JDP was asked to design and deliver a tailored procurement training programme for a Global Insurance and Underwriting firm to upskill their employees and improve buying practices across the organisation.


  • Undertook a skills gap analysis across the firm’s key procurement stakeholders to understand their training needs
  • Designed and created a six-module training programme on Procurement best practice, aligned to the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Delivered group-based training of the six modules: An Introduction to Procurement, Building a Procurement Strategy, Improving Negotiation Skills, Managing Suppliers and Markets, Stakeholder Management and Demonstrating Procurement’s Contribution
  • Delivered 1-2-1 mentoring for each Procurement team member to build upon the group training and embed the revised ways of working


New ways of working embedded effectively across the organisation
Employee development and motivation
Consistent delivery of improved procurement results