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As a trusted procurement partner to a diverse range of UK and International businesses since 2008; the team at JDP know what it takes to get the job done.

With a wealth of experience in the private, public and third sectors, we are professional and dedicated. By working in tandem with our clients we assist them in achieving their strategic and financial objectives, by delivering tailored, sustainable procurement solutions.


Tailored Procurement Services

Our dedicated supply chain consultancy have the answers to your procurement needs

Methodology and Transformation

Our wealth of expertise and years of experience as procurement consultants has enabled us to finely tune our methodology. The result, a seamless, collaborative approach which focuses on providing our clients with a best in class platform to ensure the delivery of immediate, sustainable, impactful results, with minimum disruption, allowing business to thrive.

Methodology Understanding Your Current State Defining Your Future State Creating Your Platform For Success Accelerating Your Results Our Engagement Approach
Methodology Understanding Your Current State Defining Your Future State Creating Your Platform For Success Accelerating Your Results Our Engagement Approach


  • Procurement/supply chain
  • Maturity assessment


  • Programme/project management
  • Governance
  • Resourcing


  • The Enablers
  • The Team
  • Ways of working


  • Change Management
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Benefit Delivery

The power of the team

Selected from an array of relevant disciplines for their knowledge, experience and skill sets, our approachable, dynamic procurement consultants at JDP are keen to show you what they can do. Ready to be introduced?

What our clients say

“JDP has been fantastic throughout the project and has offered the team professional, expert, support and we really appreciate the time and effort dedicated to enabling us to meet our goals.”

Les Thompson

Service Director, Wakefield District Housing

JDP were initially brought in to improve the processes and standards in our procurement team. However, we asked JDP to extend their support to help the University through a departmental transformation and challenging COVID19 impacts.

JDP developed the in-house team, and worked on some of the most complex and challenging programmes during the time with us.  The advice was always good and clear, and added significant value in achieving our objectives.

Chief Operating Officer, Coventry University

I have worked with JDP for several months and it has been an absolute pleasure. The JDP team’s knowledge has been extremely valuable and supportive to the Procurement team.

JDP managed some very complex projects and executed them with ease. They gained support and trust from stakeholders by demonstrating significant Procurement expertise, and are definitely the ‘go to’ company.

Head of Procurement, Coventry University

“JDP have been critical in helping us rationalise our procurement activity and processes. They take a pragmatic and cost-effective approach, with a clear link to benefits and tangible outputs that we can communicate to our entire team. They have been particularly instrumental in helping us to deliver our zero emissions strategy, driving detailed and rigourous work to find cost-effective competitive solutions to deliver electrification to our clients.”

Lynn McClelland

Chief Executive Officer, HCT Group

“Your advice has been very professional and your response has been flexible and accommodating of the needs of the projects. Pleasure working with you.”

Mr. Jordan

Head of Operations - Online Learning, Coventry University

“JDP have been excellent to work with; they have listened to our requirements but have also recommended ways of improving on what we were asking for. They agreed a Programme of Works but have been very flexible as our needs have changed, delivering when they said they would.”

Portfolio Management Lead, Crown Commercial Service

“We have recently had the pleasure to work with JDP Procurement Services; they have assisted us with a tender for a substantial contract with our Local Authority. From the initial meeting to discuss the tender and its process we have been fully supported, their knowledge in the procurement process is second to none. JDP have guided and supported us thoroughly to enable us to achieve the correct responses required in the application. I have no hesitation in recommending JDP.”

Mrs. S A Edwards

Director of Nursing, Haven Care Wirral Limited

“After a detailed trial and review process, we appointed JDP to help us initiate a much greater level of focus, control and vigour into our procurement processes. Since that time we have been very impressed with JDP using them as fully integrated and embedded members of our own team. They continue to deliver a high level of service, and results which have exceeded our expectations across a wide range of categories, in particular having reviewed full P2P processing and facilities management services. Amongst other added-value initiatives, they delivered a two-part Supplier Relationship training course which was extremely well received.JDP provide a proactive and conscientious service. They bring best practice guidance and deliver strong financial and service benefits to the firm, we would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Patrick Firebrace

Finance Director, DAC Beachcroft

“We previously engaged JDP with great success to review our Stationery contract and felt they would be able to reduce costs on another commodity based agreement, our PPE Workwear and Consumables contract. JDP used their expertise alongside Galliford Try to produce the tender, run the bid and e-auction. This gave complete transparency for us as the Client as well as the Suppliers taking part and worked well to achieve the end goal. All objectives were met and we achieved a cost saving of circa 29%. When the right opportunity arises I will be looking to work with JDP to tender further commodities.”

Simon Stone

Divisional Procurement Manager, Galliford Try

“JDP Procurement Services worked with Worcestershire County Council as a part of its pilot “Commercial Mentoring” programme. They were very flexible and “can do” in their approach – in particular, they helped us by stepping in at very short notice to speak at our high profile launch event.Throughout the assignment, they combined knowledge and understanding of our local authority context with their wider commercial expertise and experience to direct and assist us as we established our Commercial Approach to Commissioning.”

Frances Kelsey

Commercial Commissioning Manager, Worcestershire County Council

“Given the complexities of the project we were pleased the JDP Project Lead was able to bring extensive experience and clear category knowledge.

Utilising proven methodologies to gather and analyse data creating clear and concise process maps and functional requirements.

Key to the team’s success was their ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the business to ensure inclusion in all aspects of the project but also adapting their approach according to each stakeholders’ motivations and requirements.

Taking on a complex project and delivering a cost effective fit-for-purpose solution, the proof that the team did this exceptionally well was that every single stakeholder gave positive feedback.”

Paul Gilmour

Client Director, Merlin

“JDP partnered with Mazars to create a ‘value for money’ (VfM) audit offering for our Housing Association clients, enabling them to assess the value, both social and financial, being delivered.

The planning and preparations in advance of each audit ensured they were carried out swiftly, with minimal disruption. They were sensitive to stakeholder’s workload and challenges, and offered flexible solutions to accommodate each client.

The initial feedback provided by our clients was positive but the ongoing feedback on how the output has driven real measurable results, supporting our clients in demonstrating they are delivering VFM, has been exceptional.

VFM is understandably high on the agenda for our Housing Association clients, partnering with JDP to audit their VfM delivery has been very successful in ensuring maximum value is being delivered.”

Paul Gilmour

Client Engagement Partner, Mazars

“We have worked with JDP on many Procurement Projects across IT, Facilities, HR and Finance, and they have consistently delivered benefits and efficiencies.

They are extremely knowledgeable, I am yet to find an area of spend they haven’t worked on previously bringing market knowledge and category specific insights.  Every Specialist and Project Manager that has worked as a part of the delivery team has demonstrated a real drive to innovate and deliver value.

I have confidence that they can continually deliver optimal savings, but more importantly they make sure they are tangible, measurable and realised.”

Paul Gilmour

Partner, Mazars

“JDP were appointed to manage the supplier selection process across our national retail refit programme (600+ retail units), incorporating pre-construction works through all stages to external signage. As a part of the strategic re-brand objectives for TUI, costs were significant with tight deadlines and a high profile marketing campaign to follow. JDP managed a professional and swift process to deliver savings in excess of £1m through expert category knowledge, proactive management of the commercial solutions and expert negotiations. Navigating the complexities of a huge retail portfolio of vastly differing shapes and sizes they were able to create a pricing solution that covered all brand concepts and delivered price certainty at competitive rates. Their ownership and facilitation of the supplier appointment process delivered everything we expected; they were easy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”

Simon Walker

Head of Estates and Facilities Management, TUI

“JDP, our appointed Procurement Partner, have provided a flexible procurement solution that has adapted to the opportunities and varied profile of the firms within our network over the last few years. They have refined an overall service which they bespoke according to individual firms cost, service and quality requirements.

We are happy to recommend JDP based on their professional approach and diligent stakeholder engagement, they consistently identify significant opportunities for costs saving, operational efficiencies and the delivery of ongoing value.”

Clementine Hull

Compliance Officer, Quality Solicitors

“As market leaders in our field JDP have approached us on many occasions on behalf of a range of clients to submit supplier and pricing evaluation documentation, in response to their request for feedback I can confirm they have always been considered and efficient in all supplier engagement.

They always communicate with us throughout the procurement process, maintain deadlines and debrief us thoroughly when we have had both positive and negative outcomes. We know when JDP are leading on behalf of a prospect we will get the information we need and we will be fairly compared based on robust supplier evaluations.”

Steve Harvell

Business Development Director, OfficeTeam Ltd

“We engaged Jenny and her team at JDP to undertake a Gap Analysis in relation to our Vendor Management operating model, process and procedures within BeazleyTech, to establish the value that could be driven from improved practices.

The Team worked collaboratively with our Vendor Managers to undertake a thorough supply base profile, enabling them to design a bespoke operating model encompassing revised Methodology and supporting tools. In addition they facilitated a change management programme to deliver training and awareness across the existing team, embedding new, improved practices to deliver ongoing Procurement and Vendor Management excellence.

Working with a range of stakeholders and internal customers, with differing support needs and expectations, JDP effectively and efficiently guided us through the process and established an improved position from which we can continue to develop and progress.”

Ben Spencer

Chief Information Officer, Beazley Group

Engagement – Providing Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management expertise and delivery support within IT Infrastructure and Service.

I just wanted to formally thank you for the hard work and dedication you’ve put in with the team throughout the engagement with us. I do believe we’re in a better place for it, we have a process and tructure which is consistent and which, I believe, will benefit the team’s development going forward. Well done.

Mark Moerdyk

Senior IT Manager, Beazley Group

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