Drive Value, Manage Risk, Optimise Performance, Deliver Operational Effectiveness and Develop your Competitive Advantage.



Our goal in delivering our client Transformation is simple; optimise performance, whether that is strategy, people, cost, process, technology, or data.

Any transformation should challenge the perception of procurement and the role we play. The focus and aim of Procurement must go beyond immediate targets or ‘in-year-effect’ solutions but address the role of procurement within the business ensuring we ‘have a seat at the table’ delivering corporate objectives and adding value.

We understand that the cultural considerations within a business cannot be underestimated, and no two client start-points are ever the same. Our aim is to create a Procurement function that delivers streamlined value and innovation to the level appropriate for each individual client.

With effective organisational design, programme delivery methodology, expert resource, and volumes of experience, you have the reassurance you need to undertake a major step change with JDP.


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Main Benefits of JDP’s Transformation & Project Management Services

  • Proven methodology
  • Visibility and control of spend
  • Streamlined processes
  • Standardised and approved documentation
  • Reduced contractual risk
  • Innovative solutions
  • Value Add and operational efficiencies