Benchmarking Services

JDP provide Comprehensive Benchmarking Services by Evaluating Cost and Service against Industry or Best-In-Class Standards, Utilising Processes and Tools to Measure Performance, Develop Teams and Drive Procurement Innovation

Benchmarking Services


At JDP we recognise that regular benchmarking is procurement best practice for the purposes of driving value and efficiency, saving money, mitigating risks and ensuring the agenda for continuous improvement.

We specialise in helping our Clients to measure their true pricing and service performance by analysing their current state and future potential, which then helps shape strategy and pin point areas of opportunity and return on investment.

Our range of benchmarking services encompass Price, Value, Service and Process enabling us to evaluate every facet of your supplier engagement to add value at each stage.

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Main Benefits of JDP’s Benchmarking Service

  • Drives Value and Efficiency
  • Saves Money
  • Mitigates Risk
  • Ensures Continuous Improvements