Ethical Procurement – acting ethically on behalf of our clients….

Whilst seeking the most commercially advantageous solutions for our clients, with evaluation of price, quality, service and experience being key, more and more the demonstration of behaviours around all-encompassing ethical practices are on the agenda. 

Although every client has good intentions regarding best practice relating to fraud, anti-bribery, modern day slavery and human rights as well as social and environmental factors, it doesn’t always effectively translate to best practice in Procurement and Supply Chain activities.

We work with clients to embed the highest expectations in supplier suitability evaluations, going beyond simply asking for policies or tick boxes to confirm a policy is in place or a statement can be provided if requested.

Not only should firms be aware of, and adhere to, all standards, guidelines and legislation but consideration must be given to the wider implications of less than desirable practices on your reputation as a fair, ethical, socially responsible organisation.

Looking for, and rewarding, socially conscious, sustainable practices and contentious sourcing need to be higher on the agenda. These impact all areas from exploitation in mobile phone manufacturing to packaging of stationery orders, the gender pay gap in service sector to sustainable wood sourcing for fixtures and fittings, the list is endless.

At JDP we are committed to demonstrating ethical behaviours in all activities and engagement on behalf of our clients. We encourage ongoing professional development within our teams ensuring all are trained in Ethical Procurement and Supply.

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