It’s all in the Numbers – Estate Agency Performance under scrutiny….

With websites available to allow you to compare Estate Agent performance and increasing choice in terms of traditional estate agency versus online providers, and a mix of the two, competition is fierce.

Recent scrutiny over success claims, with one firm claiming 78% of homes listed were sold versus independent analysis indicating the figures were just over 51%, this brings in to questions how much reliance we should place on the promotional figures quoted by firms.

Whenever performance claims are publicly scrutinized and found to potentially be inaccurate this can have huge repercussions, shares fell recently by double digits for one leading Estate Agency Group following critical independent review of claims.

Best practice procurement demonstrates that effective due diligence is essential, validating supplier suitability, financial and service performance to effectively measure whether they are a good business fit.

Validating source data and comparing figures from various sources gives reassurance that decisions are being made based on factually accurate information, providing confidence you are making the right choices.

All too often firms quote impressive performance figures to support Sales and Marketing activity only to find that they are being challenged more and more to back up their claims – at JDP we monitor markets closely, with keen interest, to ensure we are in the best position to support our clients with procurement opportunities as well as risks.


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