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JDP Quarter 4 2018 Newsletter
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We are in an increasingly complex global environment with the ongoing Brexit negotiations and impending exit in 2019 as well as tariffs being imposed globally and subsequent trade wars and political volatility. Businesses are in a challenging position regarding managing their supply base and supply chain risks; from availability of workforce with changes to freedom of movement, to the more obvious import and export cost considerations and potential currency fluctuations as a result of such momentous changes to our position within Europe and Globally. It is essential Procurement lead the ..
The influence of Procurement is rightly increasing across retail, industry and service sectors alike. It is essential that Procurement not only respond to, and deliver, innovative solutions but are actively seeking innovation to play our part as a key success factor in any businesses sustainable growth. Procurement must be more than a cost saving function. Beyond price, service and quality, Procurement are typically called upon to drive value-add and support a business brand by ensuring ethical practices and sustainability throughout the supply chain…but Procurement should to be utilised mo..
JDP Quarter 3 2018 Newsletter
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Whilst seeking the most commercially advantageous solutions for our clients, with evaluation of price, quality, service and experience being key, more and more the demonstration of behaviours around all-encompassing ethical practices are on the agenda.  Although every client has good intentions regarding best practice relating to fraud, anti-bribery, modern day slavery and human rights as well as social and environmental factors, it doesn’t always effectively translate to best practice in Procurement and Supply Chain activities. We work with clients to embed the highest expectations in s..
With the likes of DIY chain Homebase and courier firm City Link being sold for a £1 due to huge losses, not to mention the UK’s biggest corporate collapse in a decade with Carillion going into liquidation – it begs the question who will be next? Large Retail organisations are under huge pressure with declining high street sales, intense competition and changing consumer habits and preferences; more and more firms are reporting sales pressures, poor performance and store closures from Dixons Carphone to Marks and Spencer’s to House of Fraser. This is not isolated to one sector with the nu..
With websites available to allow you to compare Estate Agent performance and increasing choice in terms of traditional estate agency versus online providers, and a mix of the two, competition is fierce. Recent scrutiny over success claims, with one firm claiming 78% of homes listed were sold versus independent analysis indicating the figures were just over 51%, this brings in to questions how much reliance we should place on the promotional figures quoted by firms. Whenever performance claims are publicly scrutinized and found to potentially be inaccurate this can have huge repercuss..
GDPR comes into force on the 25th May 2018 and the consequences for failing to protect personal data will be costly. With ever advancing technology and vast amounts of sharing (and in turn harvesting of) personal data it’s crucial that data security regulations protect us all. GDPR is an evolution of the current Data Protection Act and will apply new regulations around the collection, use and retention of personal data. This includes allowing any person to access the data held on them quickly and cheaply, and mandatory reporting of data security breaches. Organisations are having to r..
As may companies failed to report their gender pay gap figures by the April deadline it was obvious this was and is a complex issue with results highlighting the need for great changes in thinking! The results have been staggering, with 78% of firms paying men more on average than women (source; BBC Analysis). The median pay gap among the 10,000 companies with more than 250 staff is 9.7%. It’s apparent from the results that almost all sectors have a pay gap that favours men. However, the results vary significantly with Finance, Education and Communication all highlighted as having som..
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