About Us

About Us

The founders of JDP visualised and took the opportunity in 2008 to utilise their skills and business acumen acquired over years in Blue Chip industries to better effect by building a business designed to deliver hard results for Clients who could really value them.

In the years since inception, our hard work has been rewarded by attracting like-minded people who actively share in the development and growth of the business and has resulted in JDP winning and retaining some really significant contract awards in both the public and private sectors.

JDP has matured into a business which is acutely self-aware of its ability to out-manoeuvre less flexible competitors and never rest on its laurels, ensuring our Clients receive a pro-active and personal service.

For the future, we seek to continue to sustainably grow the business based on our core values: Openness, Client Centricity and Integrity.

Our Working Practices and Quality Management

Improving supplier performance, saving money and directly improving efficiency are key activities JDP manage for its Clients, so our business structure is designed to operate under the same lean, high performance conditions in order to ensure the best Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved for our Clients.

We operate under the guidance of ISO: 9001 ‘Quality Management’ with a view to consistently delivering high standards and the best results to our Clients.

Our methodology is simply structured to ensure swift and efficient delivery of objectives. We utilise clear and easily understandable tools and templates developed and refined over many years ensuring we consistently deliver Procurement Excellence.

All of our Procurement Delivery Professionals are Members of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (MCIPS) and complete the Annual Ethical Procurement Assessments.

JDP are a vendor agnostic procurement provider - we do not give or recommend preference to any supplier over another. Our recommendations are based solely on factual analysis on a project by project basis of supplier capability and cost against the Client’s bespoke requirements.

We are an accredited supplier to Bramble Hub and Bloom, delivering the Nepro neutral vendor solution.


The JDP Company Mission and Vision

JDP operates in a forum of transparency and fairness to realise your commercial potential.

Our vast cross sector experience and strong leadership in the procurement process as well as supplier relationship and contract management ensures we deliver proven, best in class services.

Based on principles of trust and mutual understanding, our collaboration and innovation will maximise your purchasing power, enhancing efficiencies and truly adding value to your bottom line

Engaging Talent and Passion to Lead the way in Meeting your Commercial Potential